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Rowing Sports Center

General designer
Object area 
Object location 
Design period

While conceiving the town-planning and architectural concept of the Center, we set ourselves the solution of three most important tasks:

- creation of a sports complex that meets all the requirements of the International Rowing Federation FISA for holding competitions of the highest level;

- reclamation of the coastal areas of Lake Sredniy Kaban (former ash dumps), disturbed during the production activities of CHPP-1;

  - return to the townspeople for active recreation of the embankments of one of the most beautiful inland water bodies of the city of Kazan.

Accepted architectural and planning solutions:

- creation of a bypass channel with a length of 420 meters with the placement of stands and a finishing tower on the island part;

- terracing of a section of the finish zone with a decrease in the territory in the boathouse zone, which simultaneously solves two problems: barrier-free  access of athletes to water and removal of contaminated soil on an area of 2.7 hectares;

- Creation of comfortable embankments with a bicycle path of more than 5 km and a recreational area for citizens.

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