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Residential quarter

Land area
Object location 
Design period

The residential complex was developed within the framework of an open international competition for the project of the city block (block) for the residential area "A101" with an area of 154 hectares in the south of the Moscow region.

The concept is based on the idea of various combinations of 3 developed residential modules. 1 module - 1 residential unit. Modules are combined along the block perimeter in accordance with the location on the cardinal points and relative to the surrounding residential streets and highways, as well as adjusting the height of the building in height. A clear perimeter creates a clear gradation of the public space of the streets and the inner private space of the residential block. The arrangement of modules in height also expresses the attitude towards large or small highways, responding to the urban situation. Due to the different types of apartment modules, a variable  the front of the building, which makes the architecture diverse and provides consumers with a choice. 

This residential complex has developed one-room types of apartments and two-storey apartments. The apartments on the ground floors have private gardens, and green areas for children to play and general use are provided, filling the residential area with nature. Parking spaces are provided on the streets and under the yard space. 

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