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Office interior in the business area of the Kazan Arena football stadium

Object area 
OJSC Kazan-Arena
520 m2
Kazan, Russia
Nikolay Novikov, Anna Novikova, Olga Novikova
Photo: Oleg Sayfutdinov 

The authors were asked to develop a design project for the central box of the western stand, located on the 4th floor. According to the architects of the project, the traditional view, according to which the status of a business person depends on having his own office, is becoming a thing of the past. The architects' idea develops the global trend of "Third Place" - a public space for spending time together: leisure, business meetings, negotiations and, of course, gastronomy. The interior design of the skybox is something balanced between home and office, focused on new mobile ways of working, independent of a fixed place. 

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