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Shopping center park

Land area
Object location 
Team of authors

The planning organization of the shopping center park is due to the pronounced relief and provides for its location on 2 terraces. The upper one adjoins the central entrance, the lower one approaches the residential area. There is an amphitheater at the height difference for various events and celebrations. The upper and lower terraces are connected by a central alley. A circular walking and jogging track is planned along the perimeter of the park. The alley and the roundabout are connected with a common network of pedestrian communications throughout the shopping center.
The project provides for the provision of barrier-free access for visitors to the shopping center. The transport passage is raised one level  with a pedestrian surface in the main entrance area. When planning the system of pedestrian traffic, including climbing the amphitheater, we were guided by the principles of universal design, creating equal comfortable conditions for all visitors to the park. Stairs and ramps are not insulated with fences, but integrated into it, taking into account the requirements of Russian standards and norms. Depending on the purpose of the visit, visitors to the shopping center have a choice of pace of movement: fast - along a wide staircase, calm along inclined diagonal paths, walking - along a circular path.

At the stage of the draft design, the following functional content is planned: 
1. Avan-square in front of the main entrance to the shopping center
2. Piazza - an area for events, promotions, holidays
3. Central Boulevard
4. Children's playground with a canopy and bathrooms.
5. Street cafe area
6. Amphitheater
7. Sports area with a Try & Buy pavilion
8. Green area with a cascade of rain gardens
9. Meadow natural space
10. Buffer territories - boundaries

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