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Interregional Clinical and Diagnostic Center

Object area 
Object location 
GKU "Main Investment and Construction Department of the Republic of Tatarstan" (GISU RT)
477.35 m2
Kazan, Russia
Project architects: Nikolay Novikov, Anna Novikova, Olga Novikova,
Ksenia Shachneva (graphic design and navigation),
Philip Katz (parametric design)
Photographer: Oleg Sayfutdinov 

This successful implementation of a quality interior solution for a non-commercial facility was made possible by the collaboration of architects with client services, suppliers and manufacturing factories. Already at the stage of preparation of the terms of reference, pre-design studies were carried out, a program of measures was drawn up to improve the user properties of public premises, in particular the microclimate, expansion of public functions, and intuitive navigation. Even within the modest budget provided for healthcare institutions, it was possible to implement author's art panels in the interiors using parametric modeling and digital printing.

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