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The concept of the development of the Kaban lake system

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In our project, we tried to create a new architectural image of the embankments of the Kaban lakes. The central element will be the building - a symbol of the preservation of the spiritual and cultural treasures of Tatarstan - the National Library.

We paid great attention to identifying the identity of the place. The specificity of the old Tatar settlement - geometric ornaments, smooth wavy motives of the stone architecture of the upper part of the city gave inspiration for two types of banks - geometric and wavy outlines.

The Arts Center is located opposite the library, which helps create several Magnets of Attraction on the lakes. Water is a very important element in our project, sometimes it does not penetrate objects in a figurative sense.

Bulak Canal  we propose to make it not only attractive for walking, but also interesting and filled with functions that will be built into the landscape, as in the Lower Kaban Lake.

We understand that the implementation of such a project requires an economic strategy.  We turned to the marketing department of our beloved MEGA-Kazan shopping center for help in order to develop an economic model of implementation based on the partnership of the owners of the territories, the municipality and, most importantly, the operator's company. This strategy will allow increasing the number of people visiting the lake from 1 to 7 million in 7 years.

And in conclusion, I would like to say the words of Giovanni Polazzi of our Italian colleague - “Buona Architettura genera business”, which means Big architecture generates business.  Kazan deserves to have a Great Architecture object in our city.

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