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Nizhny Kaban lake embankment

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As local architects, we helped implement the project for Turenscape.

When we started working on the draft design of Turenscape, we always relied on the key positions laid down by the authors - the first is to give the embankment to people, not cars, and the second is to bring people as close to the water as possible. According to the Turenscape project, 2 embankments were conceived: the upper one at the level of st. M. Salimzhanova - she was given the role of movement, there is a promenade, a bike path and the second - the lower  a wooden embankment right next to the surface of the water, where resting places are located, aquatic plant species are planted, a kind of water-botanical garden has been created,  where visitors to the embankment have direct contact with the aquatic and plant world. In addition to the emotional impression of the visual, tactile, olfactory, tactile  people also get the opportunity to meet and study a large number of aquatic plants.

The same educational and educational function of the lower embankment is performed by the children's water play complex, which was conceived as a replica of the historically existing  wooden dams and locks between the Bulak channel and the reservoir of Lake Nizhniy Kaban. It consists of an artificial channel in the form of concrete trays with different reliefs that imitate the bottom surface and create various effects of water movement, bubbling, gurgling, splashes, etc., and children's hydraulic engineering devices such as dams, sluices, water mills, pumps.  

The goal is for children to learn about the history and modern types of hydraulic engineering devices in a playful manner, understanding the important role water plays in the life of townspeople.

Children and adults can try to control water flows, play with water, water flows through canals, the direction of which can be changed by visitors, players can arrange dams, create their own flows. 

The pumps are difficult to pump alone, you need the help of other players. Objects "invite" several people, adults, to interact, create precedents for play and joint activities of children and their parents. 

The game device "Archimedes' screw" has a spiral shape and, due to twisting, allows you to lift water (and not only) from the bottom up using a minimum of effort. The physical process is fully visible as all parts of the screw are exposed. It is interesting for children how to participate in the process and observe it


A landscape bureau was invited to develop the project of the water complex.  - AFA / Alexander Frontov and Architects.

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