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Interactive stand of sociological survey

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Our work on the competition project revealed a very interesting fact that in fact we lacked not so much project ideas for the embankments, but actual knowledge about the city in order to  to build a realistic long-term program for the development of the city's water areas. For example, who knows where the center of public life is in Kazan? How does the picture of the movement of human flows through the city look like in modern times of information technology, or where are the places of employment now, as it was in the industrial city of Kazan? Is there in the imagination of the townspeople the entire territory of the city of Kazan? To get answers to these questions, we implemented a “project within a project”: together with the marketing team from MEGA-Kazan, we designed and implemented an information and discussion platform “Infobox” on the territory of this shopping complex.

As the analysis of mental maps collected with the help of INFOBOX shows, the personal geographical map of a city dweller covers no more than 5% of the city's territory. However, this 5% of knowledge of the territory is very detailed, because it is accumulated as a result of personal everyday use.

Through our interactions with the townspeople at this site, we have formed one important starting point in order to create a sustainable urban development project: we have combined the professional conceptual vision of an architect with a detailed user experience.

The Infobox project turned out to be a simple and inexpensive resource for implementing the function of “feedback” with residents. Involving townspeople in the program of redevelopment of the embankments of lakes Kaban "Infobox"  works as a cultural programming tool. In the future, during the implementation of the embankment development program, this small stand can become a prototype of the Information Pavilion, which we propose to place on Lake Nizhny Kaban as a platform for a new, as yet unknown  in Kazan, urban activity - "cultural programming", cultivating, cultivating, promoting the culture of using public spaces.

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