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Object area
Object location

6600 sq. m
Kazan, Russia
2018 - 2021 
Nikolay Novikov, Anna Novikova, Olga Novikova, Ayaz Sadykov
Photo: Philip Filipovich

Unusual ordinary sovrom

What could be extraordinary in an industrial building of late Soviet industrial architecture? for brevity - "sovrom". Can coincidence become an object of artistic experience?
Questions of three years ago, when we found ourselves in the buildings of the former film factory that were unfinished since the late eighties.

A reinforced concrete skeleton in an industrial area, which according to the idea of a client - an innovative global company - should have turned into its headquarters.

Rather dumbfounded than inspiration.

And now, after three years of work, the answer was received: the Soviet Union turned out to be “interesting by its very uninteresting”. Interesting through the artistic rethinking of ordinary standard prefabricated structures: coffered floor slabs, steel frame-ties, T-shaped concrete columns.

Some preliminary conclusions.
Preserving existing buildings is as creative as imagining something new and unprecedented.
If we started from scratch, we would hardly be able to reach the same level of complexity and ambiguity of architectural solutions.
Today, re-design of industrial buildings is heard. Rethinking the ordinary architecture of the past, from industrial buildings of the late 19th century to the constructivist 1920s, Rem Koolhaas rethought the restaurant building of the 60s in Gorky Park in Moscow. We are taking a step towards rethinking the industrial architecture of the late USSR.

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